Book Store Business

Taking advantage of vast warehouses across the United States, we stock over 1 million titles for immediate delivery — that's more titles than any other online bookseller. With so many titles, it is vital to give customers an easy way to find precisely the books they are looking for. Our search engine enables customers to locate books by title, author, or keyword in a few seconds at most. Customers with a general idea of what they want can use our Browse pages to sift through hundreds of categories to find exactly the right book.


Job Duties: Inbound Business Sales / Customer Service

Work Schedule

Equipment (Minimum)

There are several additional system and equipment items needed to service the client. To enroll in and service this opportunity, call center companies will be required to purchase additional equipment, paid for through service revenue deductions.

Course Cost

The out of pocket investment for the certification training class varies based on client.

Service Revenue

Base pay with an open opportunity to earn more based on the service interval you elect to work. The more hours you work, the more you get paid.

Certification Criteria

What To Expect

Scope of services and the kinds of tasks one can expect to handle daily for our program:

Additional Information

This Opportunity Announcement (OA) is a summary of the applicable business opportunity. It is not a legal document nor a comprehensive review of all terms included in the applicable Statement of Work (SOW). Each SOW should be thoroughly reviewed prior to its execution. In the event of a conflict between the OA and the SOW, the terms of the SOW will govern.

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