Specialty Retail Store

This client has focused on serving the unique needs of the luxury market. Today, that commitment is stronger than ever. The client has stayed true to the principles of its founders: to be recognized as the premier luxury retailer dedicated to providing customers with distinctive merchandise and superior service. These renowned retailers offer upscale assortments of apparel, accessories, jewelry, beauty and decorative home products to the affluent consumer.

Job Duties: Phone Customer Support Inbound Calls

Work Schedule

Required minimum 15 hours per week (30 intervals)

Certification Criteria

Phase I

Phases II and III

Program Equipment Requirements

In addition to what is included in the System and Equipment Policy Guide, you will be required to have the following:

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What To Expect

Customer assistance opportunities include:


Additional Information

This Opportunity Announcement (OA) is a summary of the applicable business opportunity. It is not a legal document nor a comprehensive review of all terms included in the applicable Statement of Work (SOW). Each SOW should be thoroughly reviewed prior to its execution. In the event of a conflict between the OA and the SOW, the terms of the SOW will govern. A thorough review of all policies prior to enrolling in the certification course is recommended.

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