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STAR Telecommunication Virtual Call Center

We are a reliable and fast-growing outsourcing call center company  that works with clients from all over the world, providing the professional services of a data enrichment, direct email marketing,  lead generation, market research and appointment setting with a goal of helping businesses grow and reach their goals. We offer professional support for inbound calling, outbound calling, direct response, fundraising, social media management, web development, call scoring, data entry, email marketing,  survey work, and live chat. 

Our Mission 

STAR’s mission is to help you live your dreams, gain a work life balance, and get the freedom, independence, flexibility, and rewards from working at home.

Our Goal

STAR Telecommunication Inc.'s goal is to have high performing Client Support Professionals for our clients while providing the support and infrastructure necessary for our Client Support Professionals to achieve top performance. We so look forward to working with you!

Development, Growth and Support Services

Our company focuses on the resources that clients need to have happy and satisfied customers with one-call resolutions. Our Client Support Professionals (CSPs) understand customer service and work hard from home. We focus on quality, character, and skill sets. As such we're able to develop Client Support Professionals our clients need. We are dedicated to making our team qualified and productive while giving excellent service.

Multi-lingual support

Our multilingual agents provide customer support for English,  French,  and Spanish speaking customers.

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STAR has worked in many industries and scheduled appointments in many countries.





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Since working for STAR Telecommunication, Inc., I have gained TIME FREEDOM and found a great team to work with. Now that I am not constrained to a physical office, I make my own hours and can work from almost anywhere with internet access. If I want to stay in bed sleeping until the time, I need to log on to begin working, that is perfectly fine. I can work in my pajamas. If I want to plan something for the exact time after I am done working, that is fine too. I can get out in the middle of the day and explore. I can combine my schedules, so I have the work-life balance that suits my needs. The flexibility makes it easier to work when I am feeling the most focused and productive.



I have been working with STAR off and on since June 2018.  Ms. A. is a joy to work for.  She does her best at making sure the client chosen is the best fit for you and your expertise.  She is more than a business owner or boss; she is a great mentor and a great friend.  She is always there in your times of need whether it is to vent, cry, or just small chat.  She will go above and beyond to make sure everything is going well.  STAR has changed my life and given me the flexibility I need as a mother -- not being tied down to a 9-to-5.  Come join a team where the name speaks for itself.  Become a star.  I am glad I did.


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